About the Artist

As a sculptor with a traditional studio practice, I wanted to make my work more available, reach more people, and strive for relevance. I’d spent time casting metal and had some experience making moulds, so I thought I’d make a multiple in a less expensive material. I’d been seeing tattoo artists, comic book illustrators, and toy designers make their work directly available at reasonable prices. I wanted to make a sculpture I could self-market at a reasonable price too. So, I’m pleased with the way Twisty turned out. I’m working now on another sculpture for plastic, which I may call “Tadpole”.


Matthew De Genaro

Ann Arbor, Michigan.    Jan 2010


One Response to “About the Artist”

  1. Kristy Pearson-Denning Says:

    Hey Matt,
    I would love to buy a twisty and one of those rock people, if you are selling them. I’d like a red or blue twisty if that’s possible. Let me know where to send the check.


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